DTW Parking Valet

With professional valets that are on-time and courteous, you can choose us with confidence

Our DTW Parking Valet services bring professionalism to any encounter. We can also help you easily and quickly park your vehicle and get to the Metro Detroit Airport via a fast shuttle. From long- to short-term DTW Parking Valet services, savvy travelers choose us every time. We know you deserve to be pampered when you’re at the Metro Detroit Airport, and that’s exactly what you get when partnering with Valet Connections DTW Parking.

Our valets are the best in the industry – they’re experienced, licensed and insured, and extremely courteous. Being picked up and dropped off at the airport quickly and efficiently is something you need as a busy traveler. To that end, our courteous, prompt professionals are trained to cater to the needs of airplane passengers like you.

You should choose our DTW Parking Valet professionals when on the hunt for no worry, no hassle, and no waiting! As a leader in DTW’s off-site parking and shuttle service industry, we offer you 24/7 shuttle service featuring pickups that come by every five – 10 minutes.

Plus, we welcome you to join our Frequent Parking Program, designed for our most loyal customers, featuring low rates that the public doesn’t see.

To learn more about our DTW Parking Valet services, call Valet Connections DTW Parking at this number: (734) 992-4946.

DTW Parking Valet Service App

Enjoy fast access to offsite parking at the Detroit Metro Airport by checking out the Valet Connections DTW Parking app for Android and Apple. We connect you with DTW Parking Valet services with ease, thanks to an app that allows you:

  • To locate a shuttle by viewing a map
  • To sign up for a new account
  • To contact us by phone or email
  • To check on your reservation history
  • To see the services we provide

You can stockpile points that can go towards a new reservation, and enjoy – as always — prompt shuttle service and climate-controlled pickups inside. Your vehicle is warmed up and ready to get in. No need to call us or navigate our website. Get the app instead!

24/Shuttle Access

Our reliable 24-hour surveillance and top-notch CCTV security systems give you peace of mind when you call our DTW Parking Valet services. Our clean, conveniently-located facility at the Metro Detroit Airport makes affordable, convenient, reputable services possible when it comes to your DTW Parking Valet needs.

Gain access to our helpful, personable valets, who are all fully insured and licensed drivers. We know you love our basic services, but did you know we also offer these five convenient add-ons?:

  • Full service car washes
  • Full details
  • Exterior car washes
  • Oil and filter changes
  • Exterior details

Remember, our shuttle service leaves every five to 10 minutes to rapidly bring you to and from the airport!

Contact Valet Connections DTW Parking

Valet Connections DTW Parking is here for you when you call us at (734) 992-4946. Feel free to ask questions in terms of our exceptional DTW Parking Valet services.