DTW Valet Parking

By professional, prompt and timely valets

If you are scheduling an airport pickup or dropoff when traveling for business or pleasure, you understandably want a courteous, prompt professional behind the wheel. You get that and more with Valet Connections DTW Parking, with a convenient location at the Metro Detroit Airport.

We make an affordable, convenient and reputable solution possible for all your DTW valet parking needs. We are proud to be DTW’s leading off-site parking and shuttle service, where our shuttle service runs 24/7 with pickups every five to 10 minutes! Friendly and timely valets, fully licensed and insured drivers, and reliable 24-hour surveillance as part of CCTV security systems: this is what our DTW Valet Parking services provide you.

Contact Valet Connections DTW Parking at this number: (734) 992-4946 if you have questions or concerns about our DTW Valet Parking services.

DTW Valet Parking: We Are At Your Service

Conveniently with our new app, you can change or cancel your reservation within 24 hours. And if you already love our FREE DTW shuttle service, available 24/7, you may be interested in these add-ons:

  • Full-detail
  • Exterior wash
  • Oil change
  • Full service car wash
  • Exterior-detail

So, whether you need long-term or short-term DTW Valet Parking, we offer the ideal solution for travelers. Valet Connections DTW Parking has its very own app for Android and Apple where you can get DTW Valet Parking services without having to call us or scroll through our website. Rather, you get instant access to offsite parking at the conveniently located Detroit Metro Airport.

Select our award-winning DTW Valet Parking services today when you want to easily and quickly park your vehicle and take one of our shuttles to Metro Detroit Airport.

Within our app, you will be able to do these five things and more:

  • Check your reservation history
  • Locate the next shuttle on a map
  • Sign up for a new account
  • View what we offer
  • Contact us by phone or email

Quick Shuttle Service in Minutes By Timely Valets

We offer quick shuttle service (leaving every five to 10 minutes!) from and to the airport, conveniently picking you up and dropping you off. Our valets are always mindful of your time, which is why we show up as scheduled, in uniform, for your peace of mind.

We also offer the Frequent Parking Program to our most loyal customers. Our low rates as part of this program are not offered to the general public. You are able to accrue points to redeem towards one of your future reservations.

And as always, you get prompt shuttle service and convenient pickups inside, whereby your vehicle is warmed up and ready when you show up.

Contact Valet Connections

Select Valet Connections DTW Parking when you dial (734) 992-4946. Feel free to ask questions regarding our DTW Valet Parking services.