5 Benefits of Airport Shuttles

Trying to navigate the airport – especially one you’re not familiar with – can be daunting and overwhelming. Most airports – the Detroit airport included – are massive, and can resemble one big puzzle with lots of opportunities to get lost. If you have any hope of catching your flight on time, you’ll need to hop on a DTW shuttle fast.

From time savings to safety, there are many benefits of taking airport shuttles provided by your valet service.

1.    Time Savings

Waiting for a cab or driving yourself around the airport translates to long waits and high stress levels, especially during peak travel season. But with an airport shuttle that you can track on the Valet Connections app in real time, you know exactly when the next shuttle is due to come around. No waiting around, no glancing at your watch every few seconds.

You just hop on and go. Time saved. And because you book your shuttles ahead of time, you can count on the punctuality of your driver and the guarantee of your reservation. You don’t have to worry about any delays that can cause you to miss your flight.

2.    Group Travel

Another perk of airport shuttles that you can reserve ahead of time is the ability to travel in groups. When traveling with a large group, it’s much better to stay together than split up and rely on everyone to meet up at the gate. Travel as a group, stay as a group, make your flight on time as a group!

3.    Door to Door Drop Off

With personalized door-to-door drop offs and central hub drop offs, you get a fast and efficient mode of transport as part of your airport experience. You may not be familiar with the airport in question, which can be frustrating to navigate blind, especially when you’re running late for a flight. With pre-arranged airport shuttles, you can be assured you’ll make it to your destination on time, without compromising your stress level or safety.

4.    Safety

You can feel more safe and secure when you hop on a Valet Connections airport shuttle, but it’s not just yourself that’s safe, it’s your luggage and belongings as well. If you try and carry everything around with you as you navigate the airport, the chances of dropping or losing something is great. When you get on a shuttle with all your belongings, they’re all accounted for in one place, making it less likely you’ll lose that small piece of luggage or musical instrument.

5.   Experienced Drivers

DTW valet parking services only hire experienced, fully vetted drivers who know how to navigate the Metro Detroit airport. You can be assured of safe driving within a chaotic airport system, as well as a courteous, friendly, and calm driver who knows exactly how to get you to the right entrance at the right time.

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