Essential Girl Trip Planning Tips

After months of texting and suggesting, that girls trip you’ve all been wanting to plan forever is finally coming together! Going on a trip with your gal pals is exciting, to be sure, but it can also be a bit stressful to organize, let alone pack for it, make reservations, and book your airfare and hotel. One thing that’s NOT stressful is reserving DTW airport parking – provided you do it well ahead of time.

You don’t want your girls trip to be sidelined by a delay in trying to find parking before your flight. Planning gives you peace of mind, so don’t neglect the important step of securing parking beforehand. Hands down, this is the best way to keep stress from invading your time together as you prepare to take off.

Planning is essential when it comes to girls trips. From organizing travel documents and creating a travel itinerary to booking airline tickets and making dinner reservations every night, here are some helpful tips to follow when planning your big trip with the ladies.

Flight and Parking: Book Travel Plans Early

It can be tough for a bunch of women to agree on where they want to vacation. Some may want sun and fun, while others may want an adventure. Once you do decide, it’s time to secure the next most important things: hotel and airfare, and parking. Once you have those down, everything else will fall into place.

Reserving a parking spot can be done far in advance with Valet Connections. Leaving one of your cars at the airport is a good way to save money for your girls trip, but at the same time you do not have to compromise on safety and hassle-free processes. Reserve your spot well ahead of time and you’ll be enjoying a smooth ride in and out.

Outline Your Travel Itinerary

Coming up with a travel itinerary that works for all is the next step. This will help guide your friends on what you’ll do throughout your trip. Keep the itinerary safe in a backpack or purse so you can pull it out whenever necessary. Your itinerary should include:

  • All travel information including: train, parking, flight, car, and hotel reservations. Be sure to add check-in information, locations, times, and reservation numbers.
  • Tour confirmations or activity reservations: Have these printed and ready to go to avoid scrambling in the heat of the moment. This way, even in areas of spotty wi-fi reception, you can easily locate your reservation details.
  • Passports and all travel documents. Don’t forget lots of small bills for tipping.

Come Up With a Budget

Create a spending limit that the entire group is comfortable with so that you don’t blow through your allotment mid-week. You should all be on the same page when it comes to how much money will be spent on drink, food, lodging, and excursions.

Everyone should contact their credit card companies before leaving to notify them of the trip so suspicious activity is not flagged. If anyone is thinking of opening a new credit card to finance the trip, be sure to research cards that don’t charge a foreign transaction fee. It’s a good idea to have enough cash in your wallet for taxis and tipping, but too much could be a detriment in the event it’s lost or stolen.

Learn about what the ATM and exchange fees are if you’re going to a foreign country, and map out the closest ATM to the hotel.  

Ring the Cell Phone Company

When traveling abroad, each person should notify their cellphone company to determine if their plan provides coverage for phone calls, Internet, or text messages on the island or in the country. If not, find out what your options are when it comes to receiving services at your destination. Sometimes you can sign up for a month of abroad service just to cover your trip. Find out how you can avoid being at the mercy of service providers in a foreign country and not accumulate tons of international fees through the use of Internet hot spots.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Valuables

Refrain from packing valuables in your checked luggage (think: jewelry, passports, credit cards, electronics, medications, and essential documents like reservations, tickets, and licenses). Those should all be kept in the hotel safe. It’s a good idea to keep extra cash and credit cards in there as well in case one of your purses gets snatched.

Gather ID

Make sure you have valid forms of ID on you at all times. Take note if you’ve been very recently married: your marriage certificate is not considered a valid form of identification. If one of the ladies took her husband’s last name, she has to bring her birth certificate and license on top of the marriage certificate. She won’t likely be able to get a new license with her new name in time for the girls trip.

In the same vein, plane tickets and the name booked on the reservation at the resort must be the same as the driver’s license and passport. Make sure she books airline reservations under her maiden name to avoid any snafus.  

Tell People You’re on a Girls Trip

Whether for a bachelorette party, high school reunion or a 50th birthday celebration, it can’t hurt to tell people you’re on a girls trip. Many hotels and restaurants have surprises and perks for special occasions like these, such as seat and room upgrades, champagne toasts or even in-flight announcements. You can even get free desserts and cocktails at restaurants. Who doesn’t love to celebrate a blushing bride?

Contact Valet Connections DTW Parking

We’re happy you’re finally getting away with the ladies. Be smart and book your airport parking at the same time you book your trip. And when planning your bachelorette getaway, don’t forget about booking DTW airport parking. Reserve your spot now when you contact us at (734) 992-4946.