Top 7 Baggage Claim Tips

When leaving on a trip long enough that you need to check your luggage, you probably dread the time it takes to navigate the baggage claim area. You never know what you’ll encounter when you arrive, from lost bags to damaged bags to delayed bags. Avoid the most common baggage claim problems by following these seven tips.

  1. Pack Less
    The easiest method of avoiding baggage claim hassles is not to have checked bags in the first place. If you’re only going on a short business trip and can fit what you need in your carry-on bag, by all means, do it.
  2. Get to the Airport Early and Make Your Bag Easy to Find
    If you do have to check some bags, get to the airport early enough so you don’t have to stress about checking your luggage. This is made easier if you hire DTW valet parking! Next, make sure your bag stands out from all the rest. Lots of bags look alike – after all, most of them are black! Try to purchase luggage in bright colors – anything other than black – but if you can’t, you’ll have to adorn your existing luggage with something that catches the eye. Tie a brightly-colored ribbon on the handle or attach a unique luggage tag that you could spot in an instant.
  3. Include Contact Information On and In Each Bag
    Most luggage comes with a tag with spaces to put your address and phone number. Usually there will be one on the inside and one on the outside. Be sure to fill out both cards.
  4. Arrive at Baggage Claim Before Your Bags Do
    As soon as you depart the plane at your destination, hustle to the baggage claim area. Don’t stop off for food or a bathroom break. Just get there. If the area is crowded or there are several baggage carousels, ask an airline agent for help or scan the baggage carousel board.
  5. Get Into Position
    This is no time to slack off. Get into position so that when you spot your luggage, you can spring into action and grab it. Others in the crowd may be distracted, but remain focused. You never know who could walk off with your bag – accidentally or on purpose.
  6. Check Your Tags Before Leaving
    After collecting all your bags, be sure to check the tags against your claim ticket to make sure the info matches. At the same time, make sure the number of bags you have matches the number listed on the claim ticket. While you may be tempted to grab-and-go after a long flight, take the extra time to be sure so you don’t have to come back.  
  7. Check For Damage
    Check your bag for damage before you leave the baggage claim area. Once you leave and go home, the airlines will not compensate you for scratches, broken wheels, missing handles, or other results of normal wear and tear. Report any major damage to the airline right away – before leaving the airport.

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