Valet Parking Etiquette Part 2: Picking Up Your Vehicle at the Airport

Last week, our blog was all about valet parking etiquette when you drop off your vehicle at the airport. This week, we’ll address valet parking etiquette when you have to pick up your car at the airport after your trip. In general, you’ll do things in reverse, but here’s a refresher on returning to Valet Connections DTW parking.

We know you’re tired from your trip and just want to get home, but you should still be aware of etiquette and how to best navigate the pickup process upon arrival back at the airport. If you are able, call ahead and alert the valet parking company that your plane has landed. This will allow them sufficient time to fetch your car and bring it around so it’s there waiting for you.

In general, call at least 15 minutes ahead of time. This will ensure a smooth pickup process without you having to wait around and accumulate travelers behind you in line. Even if you have already called ahead and your vehicle is waiting, you still need to wait your turn in line, allowing the customers in front of you to proceed.

When you get the signal it’s your turn and your car is ready, present your claims ticket to the valet. Then, inspect the vehicle inside and out for any signs of damage or stolen items. A good valet parking company will encourage you to do this. It’s for their benefit too. Once you drive away and discover any issues after you have left and arrived home, it’s difficult to prove that the damage occurred while in the care of the valets.

Once you have given your car a cursory check, tip the valet ($2 to $5 is industry standard) and enter your vehicle. Drive off slowly and heed all traffic cones and signs.   

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