Ways to Pass the Time if Your Flight is Delayed

You’re traveling on vacation and you check your airline app to see if your flight is still on time. Your stomach sinks when you see it’s been delayed. Worst still is when your flight keeps getting delayed over and over. If you checked before you left home, you can just chill out there till it’s time. But if you’ve already arrived at the airport, here are some ways you can pass the time instead of just sitting at the terminal.

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Catch up on Work

Because more and more people are working remotely, being delayed in an airport can be a great time to catch up on the work you will be missing on vacation. The more you can get done now, the less you have to worry about on your trip and the less you will have to be bombarded upon your return.

Use this opportunity to tie up loose ends you may have forgotten in your haste to pack and get to the airport. Give yourself a break on the first day back from your trip by getting things in order now.

Visit the Duty-Free Shop

A duty-free shop sells items with no tax obligations. From alcohol to perfume, stock up now on essentials to save yourself a few bucks in tax. You’ll be able to find the name brands you love at a cheaper price. So go ahead and wander through the duty-free shop at the airport so you can pick up last-minute gifts for souvenirs as well as perhaps some alcohol you may want to drink by the pool upon arrival at your destination.

Research Your Trip

The extra time on your hands is a good chance to do some further research on your trip and plan some excursions. Check out the attractions and sightseeing stops you want to take in, and plan out which days you would like to do them. Research the hotel you’ll be staying at so you know the check-in procedure and can get it done quickly upon arrival. Doing your homework now will save you precious time later when the last thing you will want to do is scroll through websites.

Watch a Movie or Listen to a Podcast 

Airport delays can last anywhere from an hour to several, so catch up on your favorite TV show, download a movie, or listen to a podcast. Prepare for possible delays by bringing a fully-charged phone and headphones. Most airports have free WiFi so people can easily stream online. Try to download your movies before getting to the airport to increase quality and reduce buffering. Use this time to charge your phone at a docking station as well.

Play Card Games

Play card games with fellow travelers or just by yourself. From single-player games like solitaire to multiplayer games like rummy and go fish, playing easy card games can make the time really fly. Plus, you’ll be able to get to know your family and friends better and just have fun without being on your phone the whole time.


If all else fails, go eat at an airport restaurant. The quality of airport eateries has vastly improved in recent years, so you’re sure to be treated to a tasty meal while waiting for your flight. Depending on the time of day, grab some breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just a snack. Sit at the bar and order a drink if you have the extra time.

Buy a Book 

In addition to a great restaurant selection, airports are well known for their vast book stores. Getting lost in a good book is sure to kill a couple of hours or more. Take your time finding the perfect book to pique your curiosity. If you prefer to read books digitally, download a book on your Kindle or your phone before getting to the airport. Just be sure to charge up your e-book or phone in plenty of time before getting on the plane, as your battery will likely be much lower after reading.

Do Some Journaling

If you just don’t have the attention span to read a book, take out your journal and start writing. There’s lots to write about when sitting in an airport, from the people you see to the feelings you have inside about your upcoming trip. With nothing but time behind you, there’s no stress about getting the words down on paper. Take your time and really explore your feelings. Later, you can read your journal and reflect on the great time you had and the amazing things you saw.

This is sure to put your flight delay in perspective and bring you to the realization that you may be sitting in an airport, but there are truly worse places you could be.

View Airport Art 

Airports are massive places, and there’s so much to see and do. Take a walk and just look around. Check out the artwork or other interesting pieces, from sculptures to statues. Head over to an observation deck where you and the kids can watch planes landing and taking off. Taking the time to appreciate art or watch the planes come in and out can really lower your stress and help you relax.

In Conclusion 

No one wants to run into an airport delay. They can be very frustrating and take time out of your busy life. But because there’s really nothing you can do about them, take a beat to think of all the ways you can pass the time while there. We hope this blog has helped you come up with some ideas.

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