Your Complete Guide to DTW Airport Parking: Part Three

Now that you’ve read our Complete Guide to DTW Airport Parking Part Two last month, we offer you even more informative tips in Part Three. Our valet parking gives you the fastest, most comfortable and easiest access to airport parking, but you already knew that, right?

This month we will go over why you should carpool to the airport as well as top baggage claim tips.

Why Carpool to the Airport?

Heading out on a trip soon with multiple people in your party? Your first thought may be: how can I get to the airport and park in the fastest and most convenient way possible? Maybe you’re traveling with a group of colleagues, or perhaps you’re planning a Disney vacation with a few other families. Whatever the case, it’s important to stick together and try not to get separated – particularly when it comes to the busy Detroit airport.

This is why carpooling to the airport is such a good idea. Once there, you can park all the cars together and proceed to the airport as a group. Here are some top benefits of carpooling to the airport.

Airport Carpooling Saves You Money

Why doesn’t want to save money on the cost of gas and parking? You reduce your fuel use and keep more money in your pocket. If you can fit multiple people in one vehicle, you don’t have to pay for as many cars to park, and fewer cars to fill up with gas.

Airport Carpooling Saves the Environment

When there are fewer cars on the roadways, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions become reduced, which results in better outdoor air quality. Less traffic is also less stressful when driving anywhere on vacation, boosting everyone’s mental health and well-being. Actually, studies show that sharing rides can cut back on stress when compared with traveling solo.

Airport Carpooling Improves Your Health

Speaking of health, carpooling also improves your physical health. The U.S. Department of Transportation says motor vehicles are one of the top sources of air pollutants having a detrimental impact on human health. Why? Vehicle emissions lead to smog which can set off health problems like asthma, a reduction in lung capacity, and a higher chance of getting respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia and bronchitis.

Airport Carpooling is Convenient

Traveling with some other families or co-workers who all plan to meet up at the same destination? Carpooling is just plain convenient, resulting in less stress due to increased companionship. Use this free time to your advantage so you can plan out your itinerary. Waiting till you’re all at the crowded and loud airport only adds to stress because your sole thought will be to not miss your flight.

Plus, when carpooling for the airport, you can leave your home when it’s most convenient for the entire group, arriving at the same time. This helps you stick to a schedule. If everyone’s arriving at different times, this can get pretty chaotic.

Top Baggage Claim Tips

If you have a trip coming up where you need to check some luggage, you know how long it can take to get through the baggage claim area. There are so many delays that you may encounter upon arrival, from damaged bags to bags that just never show up on the carousel.

Here’s how you can avoid these common baggage claim problems.

  1. Pack Less
    If you don’t have any bags to check in the first place, such as when on a short business trip, you can just fit a few days’ worth of clothing in your carry-on bag. This will help you avoid baggage claim overall.
  2. Get to the Airport Early/Make Your Bag Stand Out
    If you have no choice but to check bags, get to the airport early enough to have a stress-free process. Hiring DTW valet parking helps with this, of course. On top of that, make your bag stand out in some way so you can easily spot it amongst a sea of black luggage. Buy brightly-colored luggage if you can, but at the very least, affix something to the handle that will catch the eye such as a bright red or pink ribbon or a unique luggage tag.
  3. Include Contact Information
    Use the tag that comes with your luggage to fill out your contact information, including your address and phone number.
  4. Arrive at Baggage Claim Quickly  
    As soon as you get off the plane, get to the baggage claim area tout suite. Don’t stop off for the bathroom or to get a snack first. If the area is crowded or you see many baggage carousels, scan the board or ask an airline agent for help so you don’t waste time.
  5. Get Into Position
    Be prepared nearby so you can spring into action as soon as you spot your luggage. Positon yourself alongside the carousel and grab your bags as soon as possible. Don’t get distracted by the crowd. It’s very easy for someone else to unknowingly grab your bag and walk off.
  6. Check the Tags Before Leaving
    After you have collected your bags, compare all tags with your claim ticket to ensure a match of information. Make sure the number of bags you have corresponds with the number that is listed on your claim ticket. It’s tempting to do a grab-and-go, but taking a few extra seconds to verify the information can save a lot of hassle later.  
  7. Check For Damage
    Before leaving the baggage claim area, take a minute to look over your luggage and see if you can spot any damage. This is the time to report it – not when you’re already home. Once you have left, the airlines won’t compensate you for damage such as scratches, tears, broken wheels, or missing handles.

We hope you enjoyed reading Part Three as much as we enjoyed writing it!

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