3 Reasons Why Airport Shuttles Are So Convenient

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3 Reasons Why Airport Shuttles Are So Convenient

DTW valet airport parking makes everything more convenient when you’re traveling, putting speedy service ahead of all else. Whether you travel once every couple of years or so, or you’re a globetrotter who travels all the time for business and pleasure, you can’t deny the convenience of the almighty airport shuttle express service!

When you arrive at the airport laden with luggage, you want to know you can find convenient parking with access to a shuttle that you don’t have to wait around for. And when your plane lands at the end of your trip, you want the same assurances that someone will be there to pick you up and deliver you to your car.

An airport shuttle and valet service like Valet Connections DTW Parking not only provides parking and shuttles, but also VIP treatment and add-on services such a car washes and detailing. 

Parking and shuttles services are a lifesaver to the veteran traveler, to be sure, but even more so for those who don’t travel often or are new to their destination. And everyone – veteran or newbie – is exhausted when getting off a flight. Knowing someone’s there to take the hassle out of the process gives you peace of mind.

Here are three reasons why airport shuttles are so convenient.

1.     They Get You There On Time

We’ve all been stressed while struggling to make it to the airport on time. But rarely do we budget enough time to get adequate, close parking. This takes extra time, too, but if you don’t have extra time, you want to know you can hop on a shuttle that will take you right to the terminal. If you park your car yourself and that lot is a 15-minute walk to the terminal, you’re eating up time you just don’t have. When you can park in a nice spot and catch a shuttle without having to wait around, you save that time.

Here at Valet Connections DTW Parking, our shuttles come along every five to 10 minutes!

2.     They’re Comfortable

Because our shuttles are constantly cycling through, you’re not crammed on a bus with a million other people who have been waiting for 20 minutes. This gives you more space to stretch out and relax, while taking a deep breath before the next leg of your journey.

In general, airport shuttle services feature modern luxury options and all the latest technology, such as Wi-Fi, USB ports, seat belts, armrests, footrests, storage bins, and reading lights. This increases your comfort so you know you’re arriving in style.

3.     They’re Easy to Find

Even waiting a few minutes for a shuttle can be frustrating if you’re not sure when it’s going to show up. How can you tell friends and family exactly when you’ll be arriving at the terminal? Will you make your flight? When is that shuttle coming? Where can you pick one up? No worries. With the Valet Connections app, you can easily locate the closest shuttle on a real-time map of shuttle locations and arrival times.

Airport shuttle services are convenient for many reasons, not the least of which is that they simply make your experience go more smoothly. And a smooth experience at the airport is always a win-win!

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