6 Essential Airport Parking Tips

When traveling to the DTW airport, you’re probably already stressed and overwhelmed with how you’re going to get there on time and whether you forgot something at home. The last thing you want to do is worry about where to park. Yet parking at the airport is one of the most common frustrations for travelers. To reduce your stress level, check out these six airport parking tips for a pleasant experience. Hint: one of them involves hiring a DTW valet service.

1.    Reserve Your Parking Spot Ahead of Time

Traffic to the airport is congested, especially during holidays and other peak travel times. To guarantee a good spot, you should book your parking spot in advance. This process is made even easier when you can reserve your spot online. With Valet Connections, we offer convenient online reservations to make it quick and painless. 

2.    Check For Parking Coupons

Any time you can save a little cash on parking, this is a good thing! Before booking your reservation, always check for DTW parking coupons. Valet Connections offers regular and seasonal discounts and promotions all year long, so be sure to check back often. From web promotions to weekend coupons, it’s easy to save some money if you just take the time to look ahead.

3.    Unplug Phone Chargers

Before locking up your car to make your flight, unplug your phone chargers and other power supplies. You can actually drain your car’s battery when you leave a power cord plugged in. After a week or more away, you may return to your vehicle only to find that the battery is dead.  

4.    Keep Your Keys Secure

Keep your keys in a safe and secure spot when leaving on a trip from the airport. This is easy if you choose DTW valet parking because they can keep your keys in a safe area until you return.  When using valet parking, use your valet key or remove your car key from the key chain so you can still get at your locked items if you need to.

5.    Plan for Delays

Airport traffic, as you know, is very busy. With chaos comes delays, so plan for them. Make sure your bags are properly packed and labeled, and have your ticket ready to scan when you walk up to the counter. Have your vehicle information and keys ready when you pull up to the valet stand. And most importantly, leave the house early so you don’t get caught in a time crunch.

  • Consider Valet

The top airport parking tip is to hire DTW valet parking services through Valet Connections. We can help secure your space even during peak travel times. With safe and secure DTW airport parking located just minutes from the airport terminals, our Detroit Airport valet service gives you our best price guarantee.

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