Woman with Luggage in Airport

What to Know When You Travel Frequently For Business or Pleasure

Whether you like to travel often with your friends and family, or you’re always jetting off to a new locale for corporate meetings, it’s helpful to know some tips that can get you through the rigors of frequent travel. From booking DTW parking valet service early to packing lighter, here are some tips for frequent … Read more

Man getting out of car

The Carpooler’s Guide to Getting to the Airport Without Delays

So you want to save time, money, and gas by carpooling with others to make your next flight? Great idea, but make sure you trust the people you’re traveling with, as you will be dependent on them when it comes to getting to the airport on time. Carpooling with perpetually late people will cause you … Read more

Kid with luggage

Surviving Airport Parking With Kids

Whether you’re headed to a family reunion across the country or you’re looking forward to a week in Disney World, there’s no doubt that traveling with kids can be stressful and chaotic. The younger your kids are, the trickier things can get. Do yourself a favor and limit your stress anywhere you can. That includes … Read more

Parking Lot Full of Cars

Top Off-Site Airport Parking Headaches

…and How to Avoid Them If you are considering booking off-site airport parking before your upcoming trip, this is a perfectly fine option. However, it’s important to be aware of the most common off-site airport parking inconveniences so they don’t happen to you. First and foremost, you should reserve valet parking well in advance. This … Read more

Couple Walking on beach for honeymoon

Essential Honeymoon Planning Tips

Getting married is an exciting time, and so is planning your honeymoon! But it can be stressful to organize, pack, book travel, reserve parking, and so much more when all you want to do is just enjoy yourselves. But plan you must. From booking airline tickets and reserving your valet parking to organizing travel documents … Read more

Your Ultimate FAQ Guide From Valet Connections DTW Parking!

Valet Connections Nation: We know how much you love FAQs, so we’ve compiled the biggest and best list around that will clue you into what we’re all about, what we offer, and the specialty services that can make your life easier. We have a few already spelled out on our FAQs page, so feel free … Read more

Offsite Airport Parking in Metro Detroit

Detroit Airport Offsite Parking

The bustling energy of an airport juxtaposed with the serenity of a parking lot. At Detroit Airport Offsite Parking, you experience the best of both worlds! Are you tired of circling the Detroit Metro Airport parking lots in search of a spot, only to end up with an expensive bill and a long walk to … Read more

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Top 15 Airport Tips for Easier Travel

From before you even leave for the airport to the time you’re seated on the plane, there are many tips and tricks you can heed to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. Booking your DTW parking valet service well ahead of time…checking your flight status before you leave…and being prepared before you … Read more

Closeup of Hands with Keys

Valet Airport Parking: Tipping Etiquette in 2023

The perfect vacation or stress-free business trip starts with booking skilled Valet Connections DTW parking professionals who can ensure a quick, efficient return. Ready to book your next valet parking service? Your first thought may be: what do I tip them? Here are some guidelines on how to show your appreciation for the experts behind … Read more

Couple Walking with Bags In Parking Structure

How to Find High-Value Airport Parking

Finding airport parking isn’t all that hard, but finding high-value airport parking can be – if you don’t do your homework. When planning a trip, whether with friends or family, or for a business trip, it’s important leave your vehicle in safe hands so you can trust it will be well taken care of while … Read more