Grand Parents Traveling

Tips For Traveling With Your Grandparents

Traveling on your own can be challenging; add your elderly grandparents into the mix and things can get dicey. But if you come up with a plan ahead of time, it will be smooth sailing – err, smooth flying – the next time you travel with Grandma. We’ll give you one tip in advance: reserve … Read more

Man Smiling at Airport

What to Know About Booking With Valet Connections

If you need an affordable, convenient place to park at the Detroit Metro Airport, we welcome you to consider Valet Connections. As a trusted provider of DTW airport parking, we help you arrive in style so you can catch your flight on time and without any stress. Here are some things to know about Valet … Read more

People in Parking Structure

A Look at How Airport Parking Works

When airports first started popping up, they merely acted as a simple transfer point between the ground and the sky. Parking was not plentiful, so travelers had to be dropped off. It wasn’t till 1954 when the first automated parking lots were built where, for a fee, drivers could enter and exit the lot by … Read more

Man Walking in Parking Lot

How is Valet Airport Parking Revolutionizing Air Travel?

The landscape of air travel is constantly evolving, and at the center of those positive changes is valet airport parking. Travelers of all frequencies and ages are always looking for ways to reduce their stress when hitting the airport for business or pleasure. Booking DTW airport parking slashes your stress level while making your travel … Read more

Wiping a Red Car Clean

Make Your Life Easier in 2024

From work to school to play, everyone’s busy. You probably barely have time for the main things in life, let alone the dreaded car maintenance tasks that keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Who has time to take their car for an oil change or the luxury of getting their vehicle detailed? Whether you travel … Read more

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7 Travel Goals to Add to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Life is short. Travel more, explore more, and have more fun: make these goals a priority in 2024! If you love to travel but you either don’t have the time or the money to do it, it’s time to make some changes in the new year. Re-evaluate priorities and put travel front and center as … Read more

Closeup of People Pulling Luggage

Holiday Tips For Valet Parking Etiquette

When dropping your car off at the airport, there are a few matters of etiquette to keep in mind for a seamless process this holiday season. Before you book Valet Connections DTW parking, there are some things to know when properly dropping off and picking up your car. In fact, these rules apply no matter … Read more

Man in Airport

Tips For Handling the Airport Rush During the Thanksgiving Holidays

If you are planning to visit family far and wide this Thanksgiving, you likely already have your plane tickets and may even be starting to pack. Now comes the stressful part: planning how to handle the rush at the airport during the holidays. You certainly won’t be the only one. According to AAA, 55.4 million … Read more

Woman at Airport

11 Things You Should Always Do Before a Flight

Last week’s blog was about what you should never do before a flight. This week, we’ll be talking about what you should always do before a flight. Hint: one thing you should always do is reserve DTW airport parking well in advance of your flight. 1.    Use Your Airline’s App Instead of standing in long … Read more

Woman Looking out window on plane

8 Things You Should Never Do Before a Flight

There are lots of blogs out there telling you what you should do before a flight. Well, in this week’s blog, we’re going to go over some things that you should not do. Hint: one of those things is to NOT forget reserving DTW airport parking well in advance of your flight. 1.    DON’T Pack … Read more