Exploring Our Valet Connections App

Hand holding phone and touching Valet Connections App.

Exploring Our Valet Connections App

Come take a journey with us as we explore our Valet Connections app – designed to put you in control of your parking and valet experience! You can download the app for Mac or Android. It’s totally free. Once you do that, you can start exploring what Valet Connections DTW Parking has to offer you.

When you first open up the app, you’ll see five main areas to click on:

  • Reservation History
  • Sign Up
  • Services
  • Contact Us
  • Find a Shuttle

Let’s go into each one in more detail.

Reservation History

This is where you can view past reservations and book new ones. The process is easy. To book, you will have to select:

  • Location (valet or self park)
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Promo code (if you have one)

Once you have filled in all pertinent information, click Quote and you will get an instant quote for your specified days. It’s that easy.

Sign Up

There is where you can sign up for a new account. You will have to enter your personal information such as name, email, address, phone, vehicle information, and payment method. You will also be asked for a password to create your account. Once you have entered the information, press Sign Up and you will be all set.


Here, you can view services offered, such as valet parking, shuttle service, car washes, oil changes, interior and exterior detailing, and so much more.

Contact Us

Use this area to learn our contract information in case you need to get in touch with us for any reason, whether you’re at home or on the way to the airport.

Find a Shuttle

Here, you can view a map of all the shuttle locations at the DFW airport in real time. We know it can be frustrating waiting for an airport shuttle that seems to take forever to get to your location because they have so many drop offs to do first. With our Find a Shuttle feature on the app, there’s no more wasting time. Just check the map of all shuttle locations and get an estimated time of arrival instantly.

Once you have completed the initial sign up process, keep your login information. You will need it every time you sign in to our app. If you’re a frequent DTW airport parking customer, you may also want to sign up for our Loyalty Parker Club for perks and rewards. Login or Sign Up Here.

Contact Valet Connections DTW Parking

Whether for long-term or short-term parking needs, Valet Connections DTW Parking offers a variety of parking and valet services. Schedule your spot when you contact us at (734) 992-4946 or check out our app.