Tipping Your Valet: Rules to Follow For 2021

Tipping Your Valet: Rules to Follow For 2021

Hiring skilled Valet Connections DTW parking professionals sets you up for the perfect start to your vacation. They also assure a fast, efficient return so you can get back home quickly. If you have decided to book your first valet parking service, you may wonder how much you should tip the driver.

You want to reward your driver for excellent service, but tip etiquette these days can be tricky. Here are some tips on tipping:

When Should You Tip Your Valet?

Valet service includes parking your car when you arrive and bringing it back to you when you’re done. Like many other businesses, valets work in shifts. Do you tip the first valet and the second valet, or do you wait to tip at the end? It’s recommended that you tip each driver that takes possession of your car, as they are each providing a service and there’s no guarantee you will have the same valet both times. A good tip will ensure any special requests or favors are heeded by either person.

Do You Tip When the Service is Free or Discounted?

Sometimes you may earn a free service, or you may use a coupon for a special promotion. Do you tip in those instances? Just like if you were at a restaurant and received a free meal through a discount, you should always tip on the cost of what the service would have been had you not gotten something for free. Same goes for valet parking. Many valets get a small hourly rate and depend heavily on tips. Just like you would tip your waiter, tip your valet.

How Much Do You Tip?

A rule of thumb for valet tipping for 2021 is between $3 and $5, with most people tipping in the middle ($4). Take this as a baseline, though. If your driver goes above and beyond, feel free to tip more to recognize the extra effort.

Should You Tip More for Special Circumstances?

There are many situations where you will need something extra from your driver, such as a parking spot closer to the airport or when you need him or her to pick up something from your car. You should tip extra in these circumstances to ensure your request is given top priority. You may also want to tip extra in inclement weather, as your valet will be working hard out there in the rain or snow. 

Should You Tip in Cash?

If you go out to eat at a restaurant, you may tend to tip on a credit card or debit card rather than cash if you have no bills on you. If you are planning to use a valet service at an airport, it’s best to keep small bills in your pocket for tipping. It’s more convenient to tip cash at pick up and drop off, as many of the valets are busy running from one task to the other.

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