Your Complete Guide to DTW Airport Parking: Part One

Headed to the DTW airport? You can speed things up with valet parking, which will make your life easier as you navigate the stressful experience of the airport when going on a trip. Here we give you a complete guide to DTW airport parking, with everything you need to know to save time at the airport.

Choosing DTW Airport Parking You Can Trust

When considering which valet parking company to choose, think about:

  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Insurance
  • References


Professionalism isn’t just about being dressed neatly – it also has to do with a courteous nature, prompt attention to detail, and respect for your time. You want someone who greets you on arrival, treats you like you’re their only client, and is on their best behavior through all interactions.

You don’t want is someone who is late to deliver your vehicle, or someone who parks your car unsafely or haphazardly.


Experience has a lot to do with reliability. If a company has been in business for many years in the same location, you will know they have been successful in satisfying their customers. Look for things like courteous attention, prompt services, good conflict resolution skills, and task management skills.


A reputable valet parking company will show proof of insurance, which is in place to protect you if your car has been damaged in any way. When backed by the right insurance, the company will be able to compensate you for that damage so you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

References and Reviews

Ask the company you are considering for references, and then call them. Ask about the quality of service they received. Then check out Google reviews and social media reviews to reveal what their past customers are saying. You can also check testimonials on their website. All of these areas lend credibility to the company, giving you a better overall idea of their reputation. 

3 Time-Savers Things When Leaving Your Car at the Airport

Did you know you can enlist valet parking pros to perform service on your car while you leave it at the Metro Detroit Airport? For instance, Valet Connections DTW Parking offers a lot of convenient extra services ranging from simple oil changes to car washes to detailing.

We get it: you’re too busy to get these routine maintenance chores done during the week. Let someone else do it when you’re not even there! Here are some time-saving tips for leaving your car at DTW.

Car Washes

Your trusted valet service can make your car nice and shiny upon your return. We perform:

  • Full-Service Car Wash – Includes washing glass, tires, dash, door jams, rims, followed by hand dry as well as car scent for interior.
  • Full-Service Truck, SUV or Van Wash – For bigger vehicles, this includes exterior washing, vacuuming interior, and wiping down of windows, mirrors, tires, and wheels.
  • Exterior Truck, SUV or Van Wash – Includes exterior wash only, drying and wiping windows.

Car Oil Changes

As part of our oil changes for customers, we can handle:

  • Checking and topping off fluids
  • Adding up to six quarts of 5W/30 fresh oil
  • Inspecting engine belts
  • Adding new oil filter
  • Checking and setting tire pressure
  • Cleaning windshield
  • Inspecting running lights
  • Vacuuming interior

Car Detailing

Auto detailing is a very time-consuming service, but it’s critical to have a clean and professional looking car when you want to make the best impression possible for customers and clients. We offer these detailing services:

  • Exterior Detail for SUV/Van – Includes hand washing and polishing, cleaning and dressing tires, car bra treatment, vacuuming trunk, removing tar and bugs, and cleaning exterior mirrors and windows.
  • Small Truck Exterior Detail – Includes hand washing and polishing, vacuuming trunk, cleaning exterior mirrors and windows, cleaning and dressing tires, and removing tar and bugs.
  • Exterior Truck Detail – Includes hand washing and polishing, removing tar and bugs, treatment of car bra, cleaning and dressing tires, vacuuming trunk, and cleaning exterior window and mirrors.
  • Exterior Large SUV Detail – Includes treatment of car bra, hand washing and polishing, cleaning and dressing tires, removing tar and bugs, cleaning exterior mirrors and windows, and vacuuming trunk.
  • Full Large SUV Detail (Suburbans, etc.) – Includes hand washing and polishing, vacuuming trunk, removing tar and bugs, car bra treatment, cleaning and dressing tires, and cleaning exterior mirrors and windows.

How to Get Through the Airport Faster

Now it’s time for tips on how to make your way through the airport faster. Hint: one big way is to hire DTW airport parking, but check out the rest of these tips:

Check Flight Status

Before you leave for the airport, you’d be wise to check the airline’s website. Knowing your flight is still on time will give you peace of mind knowing you’re leaving on time. If it’s been delayed, you don’t have to show up at the airport any earlier than you have to. 

Use Valet Parking Service

Booking DTW valet parking ahead of time will ensure you don’t have to waste time circling all the lots searching in vain for a parking space.

Keep Documents Accessible

Before you leave your house for the airport, check that you have your ID, credit cards, passports, and boarding passes in an accessible place (wallet, purse, bag). Not only will this assure you that you indeed have these documents, it will save you a lot of time later when in line.

Know the Layout

Check the map of the DTW airport before you go. Know your hotel shuttle pickup and drop off locations, as well as timelines. Know where the rental car counter is located. If you’re traveling to DTW airport, they have a flight tracker app you can download to check flight status updates, locate baggage claim, and find a shuttle.

Weigh Your Bags

Many airports have scales at the check-in areas so you can know you’re within the weight restriction before even getting to the customer service counter. You could opt to buy your own luggage scale and weigh your stuff at home to save even more time.

We hope this guide has been helpful in preparing you for your trip. Watch out for Part 2 next month!

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