7 New Year’s Resolutions for Frequent Business Travelers

With the holidays upon us and 2023 around the corner, you may think you finally have time to relax your business schedule. Think again! Your business travel plans for the new year are likely kicking into overdrive, which can unsettle even the most seasoned traveler. That’s why we thought we would offer up some resolutions designed to make your life easier as you face another year of business trips across the country and globe.

From scheduling DTW parking valet service early to making time for fun in each destination, check out these seven New Year’s resolutions for frequent business travelers.

1.    Buy Tickets Early

The first resolution on your travel list this year should be not to procrastinate, and that includes buying airline tickets for upcoming flights. Maybe you have a secretary that handles all your business travel booking, but if not, be sure to buy your tickets as soon as you have a date and destination in mind. When you get your tickets early, you don’t have to worry about being saddled with an off-peak travel time that will seriously cut into your sleep schedule.

2.    Pack Light

You’re a veteran business traveler, so you already know how important it is to pack light so you can avoid baggage checks. Provided you’re only going on a two- or three-day trip, you can make efforts to pack as light as possible so you don’t have to hit baggage claim. This is a big time suck when you’re trying to catch a Lyft to get to your first meeting of the day. Invest in a quality carry-on that’s spacious yet still complies with airline limits. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them, and only pack basic outfits in neutral colors that you can customize with accessories.

3.    Eat Healthy

Healthy eating and travel are not two words that usually go together. But because you travel so frequently and you understandably don’t want your waistline to expand with every client dinner, it’s time to make a vow of healthier eating. It’s difficult to do that when staying in hotels every night, attending corporate luncheons during the day, and wining and dining potential clients for dinner.

Keep snacks in your purse or briefcase to stave off hunger between meals. Try to make healthier choices when at restaurants by adhering to calorie counts listed on menus. Don’t fill up on the salty snacks from the plane and the hotel room like peanuts and pretzels. Those are empty calories that only make you feel bloated and do nothing to address your underlying hunger. Pack individual baggies of trail mix beforehand so you can grab one when feeling low on energy.

4.    Add Some Exercise

You may be all-business on these trips, but even the most serious of schmoozers needs to get fit. Traveling for business frequently can really compromise your exercise schedule, which is why you should check out the hotel gym, even if it’s just for 20 minutes in the morning. Take the stairs and get some fresh air on breaks. If you’re really feeling motivated, get up an hour early and take a run. Not only will you feel refreshed for your morning meetings, you’ll get a chance to do a little sightseeing along the way.

5.   Make Time For Fun

The bane of existence for many business travelers is that they don’t usually get a chance to explore the city they’re conducting business in. You could be in the most beautiful destination in the world, but with back to back meetings all day followed by corporate dinners at night, there’s barely enough time to explore your hotel room, let alone the city. That’s why you should build in some time to experience at least one attraction or event on your business trip. You can do this by extending your arrival and departure by a day each. Getting into the city even the afternoon before will give you enough time to take in the sights before you have to check in for that 8 a.m. meeting.

Whether you enjoy an authentic meal at a local restaurant off the beaten path, browse through a museum, or hit up a festival, it’s important to experience the local flavor and culture of the city you’re visiting. Maybe you’ll even have a chance to pick up a souvenir or two for the kids while you’re at it!

6.    Give Yourself Time Between Connecting Flights

No one wants to hang around a busy airport if they don’t have to, but if you have no choice but to hop on a connecting flight, there’s no need to rush things. Give yourself a few hours in between connecting flights to get your bearings, enjoy the lounge, grab something to eat that you don’t have to shove in your mouth in 10 seconds, and take the time to plug in the headphones to get some uninterrupted work time.

It’s a good idea to pay the extra money for lounge fees in the airport. This way you can get access to the facilities such as showers, work stations, food, drinks, and most of all, quiet.

7.    Plan Your Parking

The best way to reduce stress while traveling in 2023 is to be well prepared. As you know, nothing is more stressful than pulling up to the airport late and scrambling for parking without a minute to spare. Do yourself a favor and book DTW airport parking. With secure parking and valet assistance, you don’t have to worry about a thing. After all, you probably have a lot on your mind as you prepare for the conference you’re about to attend.

If you just remembered it’s been forever since you got an oil change, or your car could sure use a wash, let your DTW parking providers get all that done for you while you’re gone. Talk about stress-free!

By planning your parking in advance, you can arrive at the terminal refreshed instead of stressed this coming year.

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