Importance of Regular Car Detailing

Contrary to popular belief, car detailing isn’t just a car wash. This is a deep clean — done by hand by a professional – that covers both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Exterior services include anything from wash to polish to wax, and interior services include anything from vacuuming and steam cleaning to glass cleaning and stain removal.

We understand you’re busy. Who has the patience for all that in their spare time? When you’re too busy to do this yourself, you bring it to a professional. But what if you could add another layer of convenience to that and have someone do it while you’re away on a trip? Then all you’d have to do is pick it up after getting off the plane. No hassle, no fuss.

DTW parking valets can handle all your car detailing needs while you’re away. Here’s an in-depth look at the importance of regular car detailing.

Exterior vs. Interior Car Detailing

First, let’s define what each one is.

Interior cleaning: Standard services includes a deep clean of car seats, steering wheel, carpets, door panels, dashboard, cabinets, door knobs, jambs, buttons, consoles, and controls. Vacuuming and steam cleaning are the most common cleaning methods used. Price will depend on the type and size of the vehicle, as well as its condition.

Common interior services include:

  1. Vacuuming
  2. Shampooing
  3. Steaming and cleaning mats and carpets
  4. Leather conditioning
  5. Wiping
  6. Glass cleaning
  7. De-odorizing
  8. Sanitizing

While detailers may do some cosmetic and touch-up work, repairs or paint jobs are outside the scope of this service.

Exterior cleaning: Much more than a quick wash, exterior car detailing makes the car shine and minimizes surface scratches. It usually comprises a hand/buff wax to restore original luster, repainting, engine detailing, headlight polishing, paint touchups, and engine pressure cleaning. You can get as detailed as you want. Most people just opt for the buff and wax.

Benefits of Car Detailing

From protecting your investment to increasing the resale value, check out these many advantages of regular car detailing.

1. Protect Your Investment

You likely spent a good chunk of change on your vehicle so you’ll obviously want to keep it looking new for as long as you can. Just like any other kind of maintenance, car detailing protects your investment over time, preventing rust and paint damage, preventing plastics from fading, and minimizing interior wear. Expect your car to last longer and offer more value when cared for regularly.

2.  Increase the Resale Value

A properly cared-for vehicle will fetch you more money when selling it than if you neglected it. Potential buyers will notice how much care you put into it and give you the asking price you seek.

3.  Boost Safety

Glass coatings, which makes water bead off the glass, improves visibility and performance when you are driving in wet or inclement weather. Plus, the wipers will perform better on coated windshields. In terms of headlights, they tend to fade, fog and yellow over time due to the wearing of UV coatings. This makes the lenses look cloudy, limiting how much light they produce at nighttime. Headlight coatings and restorations will vastly improve nighttime driving safety.

4.  Prevent Odors

If your car smells, detailing will get rid of the offensive problem. Interior odors will be removed and a fresh scent left instead, with vacuuming, scrubbing and odor freshener applications. Odors get imbedded in your interiors due to fast food, perfumes, pets, tobacco smoke, dust and dirt. Car detailing also gets rid of the allergens that accompany those odors, such as dander from your pets that can trigger allergies.

5.  Professionalism

If your career depends on a high degree of professionalism, your car should reflect that. A good first impression by a client spells the difference between a done deal, or a missed opportunity. It’s no secret that clean vehicles give you an air of confidence your customers will associate with timely, organized and professional service.

6.  Increase Lifespan

Car detailing services are meant to extend the life of your vehicle. You can maintain your car’s luster while extending its life by deep cleaning your car’s interior upholstery, carpet and seats to eliminate spilled drinks, dust and dirt. It will also help prevent excessive wear and tear.

7.  Boost Performance

Good maintenance improves your vehicle’s performance because it cleans and removes dust and grime from the engine. Not only does this lower the temperature, it smooths out the ride. Engine cleaning is a top advantage of car detailing, and a service that is well worth it to the discriminating consumer.

8.  Preserve Upholstery and Furnishings

In addition to normal wear and tear, dust, the sun, dirt, and stains can all harm your car’s upholstery. Auto detailing service can remedy this situation through the use of specialized products, such as protective moisturizer for leather surfaces. These products help to prevent cracking and tearing. If there are stains on the upholstery, special shampoos can be used to remove them, and fabric guards can prevent stains from setting in next time.

9.  Eliminate Health Hazards

Failure to detail your car on a regular basis will encourage the buildup of dust and dirt on surfaces, leading to poor indoor air quality and odors that may be hazardous to your health. For instance, dust is disturbed and redistributed whenever the heater or air conditioner is turned on.

Regular car detailing will remove dust and allergens from the car to improve air quality and reduce allergic reactions.

10. Remove Stains

A proper car detailing job entails the use of a professional grade wax to restore glow to a paint job. This can remove surface scratches and remove that dull and faded look.

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