10 Big Reasons to Get Regular Car Detailing

You may think car detailing is a luxury. And it can be. But it’s not just something extra you do to your car when you have the money. It’s something that should be done regularly so as to preserve the integrity of your vehicle and extend its lifespan. When you look at it as protecting your investment, you can see why it’s so important.

And if you think car detailing is just a good wash, think again. It’s much more than just a car wash. This deep clean is done by hand and covers both the interior and exterior. Exterior services include wash, polish and wax, while interior services include vacuuming, steam cleaning, glass cleaning and stain removal. But you’re busy – you don’t have time to do this yourself or even drop your car off for the day to have a professional do it.

That’s why it’s wise to have DTW parking valets handle car detailing while you’re away. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should have your car detailed regularly. Valet Connections DTW is glad to do it for you while you’re traveling. No waiting, no worrying, just peace of mind.

1.  Regular Car Detailing Protects Your Investment

Quite simply, your car will last longer and bring you more value if it’s cared for on a regular basis. You spent a lot of money on your car so it’s understandable you want to keep it looking new for as long as possible so you get a long service life out of it. Detailing is like any other type of maintenance, performed to prevent rusting and damage to the paint, prevent plastics from fading, and minimize interior wear.

2.     Regular Car Detailing Increases the Resale Value

When properly cared for, your vehicle will get you more money when it’s time to sell it than a car that was not properly cared for. Upon viewing your cared-for car, potential buyers will see the work you’ve put into it and know that if it looks this good on the outside, you must have put in the work to ensure the inner workings were well cared for too.  

3.     Regular Car Detailing Helps With Paint Correction and Preservation

Many things can lead to dullness and swirl marks that you may notice on your vehicle’s paint job. A full detail, however, can help remove debris that causes those unsightly paint scratches. Detailers will use professional-grade wax to add extra protective layers and to correct paint so that cracks, scratches, and excessive wear and tear don’t occur.

4.  Regular Car Detailing Prevents Health Issues

When behind the wheel of your car, you and your passengers are sitting in a confined space and are at the mercy of the air within it. Even with air filters, your car still contains a lot of dust, dirt, and pollutants, resulting in a less-than-ideal interior air quality. To combat poor air quality in your car, get your car regularly detailed and you will avoid allergies and other health problems that come with lowered air quality.

5.  Regular Car Detailing Increases Safety

Glass coatings are in place on your windshield and other windows to improve visibility and performance when you are driving in inclement weather. These coatings make the water bead off the glass to result in better viewing ability and thus safer driving conditions. Plus, your wipers just work better when used on a coated windshield. Detailing can shine up those coatings so they work the way they’re supposed to.

In addition, headlights fade and fog up, turning yellow due to the wear of UV coatings over time. Your lenses, as a result, get cloudy, greatly limiting how much light they can give off at night. You can get a headlight coating and restoration during a car detail, which boosts nighttime driving safety.

6.  Regular Car Detailing Increases Driver Safety

It’s hard to properly make out your surroundings when on the road when there’s debris on the windshield, windows, and both side mirrors. Cleaning these surfaces leads to better visibility and overall car driving safety.

7.  Regular Car Detailing is Cost Effective

When detailing your car on a regular basis, this retains the vehicle’s value if a future sale were to happen. This is why detailing is a cost-effective method of keeping your vehicle in good condition so as to appeal to buyers later on.

8. Regular Car Detailing Prevents Odors

Interior odors can be removed with car detailing, with a fresh scent left in its place. There are many things that contribute to odors in a car, such as lotions that are transferred from your skin to interior surfaces, fast food consumed in the vehicle, perfumes, pets, smoking, and dust and dirt from outside. Odor buildup can be removed with regular vacuuming, scrubbing and odor freshener application. Bonus: car detailing can also remove the allergens that often come with these odors, such as pet dander that can irritate allergies.

9. Regular Car Detailing Protects Upholstery

If you don’t have tinted windows, sun damage will occur. That’s because UV rays result in long-term damage to interior fabrics and finishes, especially if you keep your car parked outdoors and not in a garage. When your interior is regularly cleaned, this protects the upholstery as well as other materials in the car, such as vinyl, leather, fabric, plastic and carpet. Bonus: regular car detailing prevents and removes unsightly stains.

10. Regular Car Detailing Makes You Look Professional

If your career relies on a professional demeanor, you need a clean car at all times. A customer’s first impression can mean the difference between landing a job, project or client, and missing out on a big opportunity. A clean vehicle puts forth an air of confidence which the client will equate with professional, organized and timely service.

Call Valet Connections DTW Parking For Car Detailing

As you can see from above, there are many benefits of having your car professionally detailed on a regular basis. For that, turn to Valet Connections DTW Parking. Book our car detailing services at (734) 992-4946. It’s our job to have your car fresh, clean and ready to go when you step off the plane and into your ride. Car detailing from Valet Connections DTW gives you peace of mind.