Make Your Life Easier in 2024

From work to school to play, everyone’s busy. You probably barely have time for the main things in life, let alone the dreaded car maintenance tasks that keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Who has time to take their car for an oil change or the luxury of getting their vehicle detailed?

Whether you travel for work frequently or you take occasional trips with your family, you have to deal with parking at the airport. We suggest that this year, you do yourself a favor and let the experts take care of all the little car maintenance things that you simply do not have time for – all while you are gone away on your trip.

As you’re making New Year’s resolutions for 2024, make sure one of them centers around giving yourself more time.

Invest in Extra Services

When navigating to the Detroit airport for a trip, the last thing you want to think about is your car and the services you need. Let someone else worry about them. Here at Valet Connections, we offer a variety of extra services that are convenient time savers for the busy traveler.

Here are some of the add-one services we offer at Valet Connections DTW Parking. Side note: they’re more affordable than you think.

Full-Serve Car Wash – This service includes wash, hand dry, glass, door jams, tires, dash, and rims. Car scent is added to freshen the interior so it smells great when you get in after a long plane trip.

Full-Serve Truck/SUV/Van Wash – This full-service wash for bigger vehicles includes an exterior wash, vacuuming of the interior, and wiping down of wheels, windows, tires, and mirrors.

Exterior Van/Truck/SUV Wash – This service includes exterior wash, as well as drying and wiping all windows.

Oil Change – This includes up to six quarts of 5W/30 fresh oil with a new oil filter installed. We will also:

  • Check fluids and top them off
  • Clean your windshield
  • Inspect the engine belts
  • Check tire pressure and set it
  • Inspect the running lights
  • Vacuum the entire interior

Exterior Detail for SUV/Van – This service includes hand washing and polishing, treating car bra (if applicable), removing tar and bugs, cleaning and dressing tires, vacuuming of trunk, and cleaning all exterior mirrors and windows.

Small Truck Exterior Detail – This includes hand wash and polish, vacuuming of the trunk, cleaning and dressing tires, removing tar and bugs, and cleaning all exterior mirrors and windows.

Exterior Truck Detail – This includes hand wash and polish, as well as cleaning and dressing of tires, removing tar and bugs, treating car bras, vacuuming the trunk, and cleaning all exterior window and mirrors.

Exterior Large SUV Detail – This service includes hand wash and polish, treating car bras, removing tar and bugs, cleaning and dressing tires, vacuuming the trunk, and cleaning all exterior mirrors and windows.

Full Large SUV Detail – Designed for the largest SUVs on the market (think: Suburbans) and includes hand washing and polishing, treating car bras, vacuuming the trunk, cleaning and dressing the tires, removing tar and bugs, and cleaning all exterior mirrors and windows.

What is Car Detailing and Why Do You Need It?

Professional car detailing involves cleaning and restoring a vehicle to like-new condition. Car detailing services are more labor-intensive and precise than getting a simple car wash, which is an automated system that your car passes through to clean the outside. Professional auto detailing, on the contrary, is done by hand, and includes exterior and interior services. 

Hiring your trusted DTW parking valets to handle all the car detailing while you’re away is a wise move. Check out why your car needs to be detailed regularly.

Protect Your Investment

After spending so much on your vehicle, it makes sense that you should protect it so it lasts a long time and looks great. Detailing is a form of maintenance that helps to prevent rusting and paint damage while also preventing plastics from fading and minimizing interior wear. When cared for on a regular basis, your car will last longer and bring more value.

Boost the Resale Value

In the same vein, a properly-cared-for vehicle will fetch you more money if and when you sell it as opposed to a car that was not cared for. You want potential buyers to see the work you put into it, as they will assume that if the outside looks good, the inside must be well cared for as well. This pride of ownership will shine through every time.  

Ensure Safety

Glass coatings boost visibility and performance when you drive in wet weather. That’s because the water beads off the glass for better viewing. In addition, the wipers do a better job on a coated windshield. As far as the headlights go, they can fade, fog, and yellow over time, making your lenses cloudy due to the wear of UV coatings. This minimizes the amount of light they can give off at night. To improve nighttime driving safety, get headlight coating or restoration.

Prevent Odors

Car detailing does a great job of removing Interior odors, leaving only a fresh scent in its place. Many things cause car odors, such as smoking, perfume, lotions (transferred from your skin to interior surfaces), fast food packages, pets, and dust and dirt tracked in from the outside. Scrubbing, regular vacuuming, and application of odor freshener can remove odor buildup. Detailing also removes the allergens that are associated with those foul odors, such as allergy-causing pet dander.

Boost Professionalism

When your career depends on a professional appearance, your car has to be clean all the time.  A client’s first impression can spell a big difference between getting a coveted job or project, and missing out on once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. A clean vehicle shows that you have confidence, which the customer will equate with timely, professional, organized service.

Contact Valet Connections DTW Parking

Now that you know how important regular car detailing is, book extra services with us today. Whether you need a detail, car wash, or oil change, we have you covered. Call us now at (734) 992-4946 to coordinate service with your next airport trip.