How to Get Through Baggage Claim Quickly

Getting to the airport on time is a challenge, as is making your connecting flight. There are many challenges associated with traveling on an airplane, and baggage claim is perhaps the most frustrating. It can either go smoothly or it can be a nightmare. You can’t control how quickly the airline will put out everyone’s luggage, but you can control how you navigate the baggage claim area.

From lost and delayed bags to damaged and ripped bags, you never know what you’re in for when you show up at that carousel. Here’s how to avoid the most common baggage claim problems.

Book Your Parking in Advance

Knowing your car will be waiting for you when you get off that plane will spur you on to get through baggage claim seamlessly. If you have to wait around for your luggage and your ride afterwards, this can add to the stress of travel exponentially. Be sure to hire DTW valet parking or book your parking spot well before your trip to avoid these extra delays.

Go Easy on the Packing

The easiest way to avoid hassles at the baggage claim carousel is to just bring a carry-on bag without having to check your bags at all. This means you can skip the claim process altogether and be on your merry way as soon as you step off the plane. While this is possible for quick trips and business travel, it’s often not feasible for the rest of us. But if you can fit whatever you need in your carry-on bag, do it. You will save yourself a lot of headache later.

Get There Early

The next tip is to arrive at the airport early. If you had no choice but to check your bags, arrive at the airport early enough so there’s no stress about checking them. Again, DTW valet parking will help with this part.

Mark Your Bag

Add some identifying element to your luggage to make it easy to spot when it’s on the carousel. Most luggage is black, which means pretty much everyone’s looks the same at first glance. Add a colorful ribbon to the handle, or a distinctive luggage tag so you can know it’s yours right away. This will also help distinguish yours from another person’s so there’s no dispute when you both reach for the same handle.

When shopping for luggage in the first place, try any color other than black to stand out. Blue, red, purple, yellow – whatever you have to do to make it stand out from a sea of black luggage pieces.

Include Contact Info

Make sure you put current contact info on every tag on every piece of your luggage. Check it every so often to make sure it’s up to date. Change your phone number or address on the tags if those things have changed recently. This way, the airline can contact you in the event there’s an issue with the luggage or it gets lost. Fill out the info cards on the outside and inside of your luggage.

Make a Beeline For Baggage Claim

Try to arrive at baggage claims before your bags do. You want to be there waiting when the carousel jumps to life. Right after you get off the plane, head to your designated baggage claim area. Try not to stop for food or the bathroom. The quicker you get there, the better off you’ll be. If there are many baggage carousels in the area or the place is jam packed with crowds, ask for direction from an airline agent or check out the latest on the baggage carousel board.

Stake Out Your Position

You have to be on your game at this point. Don’t be wandering around on the periphery, scrolling through your phone or talking to other members of your party. Get yourself into position so as soon as the carousel starts moving, you can scan for your luggage. Once you spot it, you can jump into action and grab it quickly. Stand at the edge of the carousel rather than a couple rows back so you don’t have to jostle anyone to get what you need. Stay focused and strike when you can, counting on the fact that most people are distracted at this point.

The last thing you want to do is allow someone else to walk off with your bag, whether on purpose or on accident. Staying alert at baggage claim can make or break the success of the end of your trip.

Check the Tags Right Away

Before you step away with all your luggage and head to your car, check the tags against your claim ticket. Make sure all the information is a match. Then, make sure you have the right number of bags and check that number against what’s listed on the claim ticket. It’s easy to grab-and-go after enduring a long flight, but taking a few extra seconds to make this check will save you headaches later in the event you have to come all the way back for the right luggage.

Scan For Damage

Check your bag for signs of damage before leaving the baggage claim area. This is the time to make a claim – not when you get home. Once you leave the premises, the airline won’t compensate you for damage to your luggage, such as scratches, dents, broken wheels, missing handles, or other normal wear and tear. Report major damage to the airline immediately before you head to your car. 

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