8 Things You Should Never Do Before a Flight

There are lots of blogs out there telling you what you should do before a flight. Well, in this week’s blog, we’re going to go over some things that you should not do.

Hint: one of those things is to NOT forget reserving DTW airport parking well in advance of your flight.

1.    DON’T Pack Travel Documents in Your Suitcase

Of course you’re concerned about the security of your personal belongings. Part of ensuring that protection is keeping critical items with you at all times. Never pack your boarding pass, ID, phone, or passport in your luggage. Sounds like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at how many people actually do this, at least by mistake.

Instead, keep these important items in your pocket, purse, or outer compartment of your carry-on bag so they can easily be grabbed when needed. It can be very daunting and stressful to have to produce the necessary items by airport personnel, especially when an impatient line is forming behind you.

Before you even leave your home for your trip, research the exact travel documents you will need. Check the destination’s official website, which should list all required documents. Do this a few months or weeks before you leave in case you have to replace a document.

2.    DON’T Rummage Through Your Carry-on at Security Line

You may think you have a lot of time to wait in the security line, but this will go by faster than you think. Sort out your carry-on bag and its contents at home, double checking which foods and toiletries you can bring that are TSA-approved. Doing this at the last minute at the airport may mean you have to chug or throw out unapproved items or quantities.

3.    DON’T Buy Costly Concessions

Chances are, hunger will strike while you’re at the airport. And if you have kids, you know they’re always hungry, even if they just ate before leaving the house. Bringing snacks from home (TSA approved, of course) will save you from having to spend a fortune on kiosks and restaurants at the airport. Pack them all in an easily accessible bag in your carry-on or purse so you can whip it out when someone says they’re famished.

4.    DON’T Board the Plane Without a Transit Plan

While you may have been concentrating solely on getting to the airport to make your flight, you don’t want to forget about what you will do when you get off the plane on the other end. Plan this out in advance so you know if you’re hitting up the car rental place first, or hailing a taxi or Uber to the hotel. If picking up a rental, research where the counter actually is. Some companies aren’t located onsite at the airport or near the terminal; you have to take a shuttle to get there.

Research the specific pick-up and drop-off points for Lyft or Uber as well. It can differ by destination or country.

5.    DON’T Buy Day-of Travel Insurance

If you decide to purchase travel insurance, do it at least one day before you leave. If you wait till the last minute, you may not get a comprehensive travel insurance policy, if you even get one at all. The ability to cancel your flight or receive a waiver for a pre-existing condition could be limited. Purchasing travel insurance online before you get to the airport is a wise move because then you will know you are fully covered and protected.

6.    DON’T Exchange Currency in the Airport

Be leery about foreign currency exchanges within the airport. That’s because, in the United States, prices can be more costly and can include an exchange rate fee. Not only are you paying more to exchange currency, you will leave with less than what you brought due to the unfair exchange rate. Why short change yourself before you even begin your trip? Wait till you get out of the airport before you do an exchange.

You will be met with more favorable rates, and your hotel or bank may even be able to assist you with this transaction. One alternative is to withdraw cash with your ATM card. You will have to pay a fee, but it’s much smaller than the fees you’ll find at the airport.

7.    DON’T Show Up On Time

Instead, get there early. On-time can quickly switch to panic mode when you hit a longer-than-expected line or some traffic on the way there. Do yourself a favor and leave yourself plenty of time. It’s better to sit at the terminal and read than to stress out about running through the airport to make your flight.

It takes more time than you think to check documents, especially with international travel; plus, you could be faced with possible flight changes to your gate or boarding time.

8.    DON’T Indulge in a Cocktail Before Takeoff

It may sound heavenly to take the stress off traveling to reward yourself with a pre-flight drink and start your vacation early. But be careful when drinking alcoholic beverages in an airport. First, the prices are ridiculously high. Second, that one cocktail you had at the lounge could feel like a few once you get on the plane and it takes off. That’s because pressurized airplanes have less oxygen. Grab a ginger ale instead, especially if you have motion sickness, and save the cocktail for when you’re poolside at the resort.

What You SHOULD Do: Book Parking Beforehand

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