8 Ways to Get Through the Airport Faster

Airports have been busier than ever after a long pandemic that resulted in sluggish air travel. With a reduction in staffing, longer check-in lines and unpredictable security wait times, you may have to extend that old “get there two hours before” rule so you can save your sanity and make your flight on time. Do what you can to make it through the DTW airport fast, as every minute counts.

For one, using DTW airport parking makes everything easier – and faster. But here are some more tips to try.

1.  Buy the Right Travel Gear

Most people travel with too much stuff. Chances are, you won’t use most of it. But there are some things that can make airport navigation much easier, such as TSA-friendly laptop cases, slip-on shoes, clear toiletry bags, and more.

2.  Check Your Flight Status

Before you even leave your home, check the airline’s website to see if your flight is still on time. Sounds obvious, but many people fail to take this important step. If your airline offers it, sign up for automatic flight status updates. While you’re at it, check in online.

3.  Sign Up For Valet Parking Service

This one thing alone will save you a ton of time. Book DTW valet parking well ahead of time so you don’t have to circle all the lots looking for a parking space.

4.  Make Sure Documents are in an Easily Accessible Place

Before leaving for the airport, make sure your ID, credit cards, boarding passes and passports are easily accessible from your wallet, purse or bag. This serves two purposes: one, it’s a last-minute check that you actually have these documents, and two: it will save you time when in line later.

5.  Know Where to Go

Before you leave, you should also check the map of the airport, get your hotel shuttle info and timelines, and know where your rental car counter is located. DTW airport actually has a flight tracker app you can download. Check flight status updates so you know where your gate is, where baggage claim is, and where to pick up your shuttle.

6.  Weigh Your Bags

Many airports install scales at the check-in areas. This is great, because if you think your bag is overweight, you can check it there and make any necessary switches between luggage before you reach customer service. You can also buy your own luggage scale and weigh it before you even leave home.

7.  Place Important Items in Your Carry-On

Put all documents except your boarding pass and license in your carry-on bag. Now, when you reach the end of the security line, you won’t be searching your pockets for the things you need to show, playing with your phone, dropping keys, or spilling crumpled receipts everywhere.

8.     Assess Your Belongings and Be Aware

Take inventory of the things you will need to show security. What do you have to remove in terms of clothing or accessories to make it through the scanner without it beeping? Be aware of your surroundings so you can hop into action when it’s your turn.

Get Through the Airport Faster With Valet Connections DTW Parking

The best way to get through the airport faster is to get there faster and stress-free! Book valet parking by calling us at (734) 992-4946.