Your Complete Guide to DTW Airport Parking: Part Two

Hopefully you had a chance to read our Complete Guide to DTW Airport Parking Part One last month. This month we continue the fun with Part Two, giving you even more tips and tricks. And as always, check out our valet parking for the fastest, most luxurious and most efficient way to park at the airport.

Check Out Why Airport Shuttles Are Such a Convenience

As you may already know, DTW valet airport parking makes the process much more convenient when traveling about. Whether you travel once every five years with the family or you’re on a flight twice a month for work, the convenience of airport shuttle express services cannot be ignored.

When arriving at the airport burdened with luggage, you need to know you can quickly find convenient parking with easy access to a shuttle without waiting around. And on the other end, when your plane touches down after vacation, the same assurances should be made that there will be someone who cares ready to pick you up and get you to your car.

An airport shuttle and valet service such as the one here at Valet Connections DTW Parking doesn’t just give you access to parking and shuttles; it also gives you the VIP treatment and add-on services (car wash, anyone?).

Parking and shuttle services can make or break your travel experience, especially when you’re utterly exhausted stepping off a flight.

Check out these reasons why airport shuttles are so convenient.

1.     Airport Shuttles Get You There On Time

Everyone’s been stressed while trying to get to the airport on time. But many of us simply don’t set aside enough time to get close, adequate parking. You want to know you can hop on a shuttle and head right to the terminal. If you drive around trying to find a space and then have to walk 20 minutes to the terminal, you’re really not doing yourself any favors. When you’re able to park in the perfect spot and catch a shuttle that comes by every few minutes, you save a ton of time.

2.     Airport Shuttles Are Comfortable

Our shuttles are constantly cycling through the lot (every 10 to 15 minutes!), so you don’t have to cram yourself and your kids onto a bus with 50 other people. You get more space to stretch out, relax and prepare for your trip. 

Airport shuttle services generally boast modern luxury options with all the latest technology, such as USB ports, Wi-Fi, seat belts, armrests, reading lights, footrests, and storage bins.

3.     Airport Shuttles Are Easy to Find

It can be frustrating to wait even a couple of minutes for a shuttle. Plus, when you don’t even know when one’s coming around, this can be maddening because you have no way of telling friends and family exactly when you will get to the terminal to meet up with them. You may even worry you’ll miss your flight. But with the Valet Connections app, you are able to quickly locate the closest shuttle using a real-time map of arrival times and shuttle locations.

See? We told you airport shuttle services are convenient!

How to Avoid Car Vandalism

Your car is important to you and you care about what happens to it. When leaving your car behind at the airport parking lot, you have certain assurances that it will stay safe from vandals. But sadly, accidents and vandalism happen, so you need to have a professional park and care for your vehicle when leaving it at the DTW Airport. Enter: DTW valet service.

There are things you should do to keep your car safe when you’re away. If it gets damaged, you’ll have to hassle about how you’ll get to school and work. Keep in mind where you typically park in your daily life, such as work or the grocery store. Do you tend to park it far away from others? Do you put it in the shade? Do you park near lights at night?

According to CNN, $1.2 billion worth of personal items are taken from cars annually. Check out these ways you can prevent vandalism to your car when away.

  1. Check for security cameras. In the event vandals do damage your car or steal something from it, ask the security team to look over the footage and give it to the police if necessary.
  2. Keep your car clean. Thieves are searching for easy-access items that are valuable. Take all valuables with you, particularly when you have to leave your car for a long time at an airport. Bring along your phone, computer, wallet, cash and important documents. If there are valuable items you can’t bring with you, put them in the glovebox and lock it, or put them out of sight in the trunk.
  3. Lock your doors. Duh, right? Well, more people than you think don’t lock their doors in public places. Did you know that about ¼ of cars in public parking lots aren’t locked?
  4. Upgrade the security features. You don’t have to invest in anything fancy or expensive. Just affix a security decal on the window; sometimes that’s all it takes to deter a vandal.
  5. Park in well-lit, highly-visible places. Remote areas in parking lots welcome thieves to your car under the cover of darkness.
  6. Use a valet parking service. While it many cost you more initially, this is the fastest, safest and most secure way to park your car, especially for long time periods. You will get peace of mind knowing your car is monitored 24/7 by valet parking staff as well as security cameras positioned strategically throughout the area that the valets may miss.

We hope Part Two has been a help in guiding you through the travel and airport experience!

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